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What happening in my farm?

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  • What happening in my farm?

    Hello, Recently i started a new character with 4 friends. I know none of them stole from my farm before, but there were time when i planted a 10000
    Gold seed, and next day i came to collect. It only gave me 7000-8000 Gold. So I was thinking about the purpose of the worms and what they do, . Do they say eat up your seed and reduce the amount at the end? Its like what would happen in the real world. Another day I planted a 10000 Gold seed. and I ended up with 12000 Gold. And not sure how that happened. Can anybody explain this to me?

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    Weeds and bugs do affect your crops. If they're still present when your farm is ready, your harvest will be reduced.

    Could be a number of reasons why you gained 20% more gold.
    Farm upgrade (1-9)
    Blue rarity seeds (1,4,12hr)
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      That's good to know. Never thought they had any effect really. Thought they were there to help raise farm lvls only. Thanks, that answered my question