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Vote for 2nd Battle Ground here

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  • Vote for 2nd Battle Ground here

    There will be 2nd Arena for Western gamers, why dont they open 2nd Battle Ground for whom cant join 1st Battle Ground. The 2nd BG from 14-15pm is nice.
    Comment here and make it happen.

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    Yes, a second battleground would be nice.. for us, it would be between 1 and 3 server time (8-11 pm central lol I think.. get confused sometimes on the time) however, I do understand that's kind of late for the server
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      they listened about the group arena so why not i vote for second battleground as well
      giving game one last chance :

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        kill me now..

        were not slackers

        we have classes/job

        let us have time to sleep with out wasting any event!
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          yeah id like a second bg as well but i work from 6am - 430 pm server time lol i lready miss one arena cant rly afford to start missing the bg if they add a new one then....they should do something during the nighttime down time

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            support this idea hope GM can make it


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              2nd Bg please specially for asian players