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Need mp dungeon with afk button on

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  • R2205389
    started a topic Need mp dungeon with afk button on

    Need mp dungeon with afk button on

    can u please give this game an afk button to mp dungeon

  • Hyorinmaru6
    i am pretty sure u can come up with the reason why i say no to this idea mm just think about it

    hh yeah i know ur lost fine the reason is because the MP dungeons are done with party thats other players if the afk mode was there it would be like hey i just switch it on and leave and end up with rewards with no work or any fun at all
    as it is already there is low fun in MP dungeon u wanna make it worse ?
    No thank u i like killing mobs for fun especially the turkey boss in bloodlands and spending ur time with others is the main point of MULTIPLAYER dungeons

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  • LordFireMage
    and on duel too

    bots doesn't have delays
    the reason why it does 2x turn

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