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  • Guild mail

    you guys gota be kidding with me O.O

    first time in 17 years of online gaming that i see a company charging players 175 balens for 1 single guild mail...

    are you guys nuts?charging a guilds way of comunication to its members???!!!

    *** R2,is your greed so damn big that even in that you atempt to get a profit of?

    i never saw something so stupid,greedy and retarded like charging 175 balens to send 1 mail to the guild members...

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    damn asking 10 balens would be already dumb,but asking 175 makes it even more expensive then many things selling on the game shop.

    really i never saw anything similar


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      What exactly are you talking about? What's "balens"? All i know there's a food called bitterballen... And oh boy, that's tasty...

      As for your info, I can communicate anytime with my guildies without having to pay anything. There's a feature called "Guild Chat" if you didn't know it. Heck, even the teleporter doesn't charge anything to us eventhough he said that it would cost some to use his service.
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        sry wrong game forum,im still sleepy


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          wanted wartune not CS LMAO


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            Oh well... case closed.


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              17 years of gaming and still can't find the right forums? lol
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                //Moved to Wartune - Suggestions & Feedback
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                  There is thing call guild chat, but there is also need for guild mail so that leader can give the important information regarding the guild even to the inactive members. as announcement is so limited.


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                    Just put your message in the guild announcements.
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                      well i know this is good as it is but personally i think it could do with some tweaking so here is how it COULD be changed
                      instead of 175 balens(overprice)
                      make it 50 balens or or or 100 vouchers (people are not stupid to waste vouchers on guild mails when they can save it for farm) please tell me what u think
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