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[Suggestion] - Town Accessibility and NPCs

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  • [Suggestion] - Town Accessibility and NPCs

    I was thinking it would be nice (after you patch any bugs and bring in more updates of course) to expand the graphic quality of the game to add an actual 'Town' view to the game. You could have multiple buildings but they would not all have to be accessible. Something like a Storage, an Auction House, and maybe a Guild Fortress Area.

    Storage - This would be primarily used for personal storage, yes, we have our Guild Storage but 5 - 10 slots doesn't cut it for the cost and time it takes to upgrade the Vault.

    Auction House - This would co-exist with the current 'Market' as it is obviously for cash players only. The AH would be a place where players could buy and sell their unbound equipment they can't use and items they don't need. You could also add an addition where players could pay a small Balen fee for multiple sales at one time (this would benefit both the cash and non-casher players).

    Guild Fortress - Possible new update sometime? Just an idea of having an area where Guild members could go to sit AFK, or maybe bring in some events related to Guilds (the possibilities are endless) of course Balens could be involved as well in Guild activities. (Guild Battles perhaps?).

    Of course these 3 things would be located on 3 separate NPCs, this would minimize lag by not overloading the map with structures.

    Just my thoughts on possible future updates, to continue to expand the game's potential and community.

    Name : Θяιøη
    Server : [S14] Serenity Lake
    Class : Archer
    Level : 27
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