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  • mahra

    Im just wondering, is it possible to get mahra without spending a bunch of money anymore? I have been doing every non-cash event for the last 3 months but it is near impossible for me to get even 30 event scraps anymore to trade for mahra. I gave up on trading for clothing, mounts, and sylphs, but now I have to give up on trading for mahra now too. My sylphs havent budged in over 2 months because it is impossible for me to upgrade them and considering the game is owned by sylphs now, there is basically nothing I can do anymore. The unlimited events that offered event scraps as a prize are always well received. But before we started having unlimited events, it was still possible to earn 70-80 event scraps without cashing and we were even able to get some decent items(clothing,mounts), but now its ridiculously hard just to get 30 scraps. At this rate it will take me 37 months to make a 1 star rare sylph into a 1 star purple sylph, 37 MONTHS, which will be very important when sylph transformation come out. Whats the deal R2? Why are you being so stingy? The game has been toppled by massive cashing events now, with very little in between. Game spending has quadrupled since I started playing, yet we are getting less and less each month.

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    They changed the events. We had clothing events to get weapon/armor/hat for X amount of event items, now clothings and wings you see only on recharge/consume events.
    I don't know why they did that, but seeing their profits are going up daily, they thought to raise it even more with that, seeing more people are more after " fashion " than stats.
    Events start to give less and less rewards, and yet some people max everything out, making the future events even more lower.
    As a non-casher, you should be able to do 30 event items atleast easily, if you do the quest ( the ones who can be done ) after tree reset, 30/40 mahra in exchange for 30 event pieces its 100% sure.
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      I think they might give bigger amounts when sylph transformation come since purple sylph is needed in order to transform sylph

      new servers will take forever to make purple sylph compared to older who collected mahra


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        If your not lazy you can EASILY get 40-60 event exchange pieces.
        On my non-casher character I get around 50-60 every single time. usually 60.

        Which means either 40-80 mahras every month.


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          There have been posts on some of the other threads in these forums which elude to the fact that Sylph Arena rewards will change from Sepulchrum to Mahra in upcoming patches. What amounts they would give out if this is true I don't know but it does make sense as Sylph Evolution is supposed to be a big part of the upcoming content.
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            well then...if it really changes to mahra, we need to save on sepulchrums pt getting a purple sylph transformed but you can't enchant it =P even if it becomes orange eventually, it'll be an extremely weak orange sylph...probably will get thrashed by a cashed blue sylph on max enchants...
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