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Login issues

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  • Login issues

    I have been creating new characters in new servers and I did it over 8 times now to be exact. It is frustrating to continue playing whenever your loading screen would just appear black, white or at the whack a mouse thingy loading at 6/16 at 99%.

    I've read deleting cash/cookies or clearing your browser history would help but to tell you the truth it does not make a difference.

    It won't matter how many servers are there what's important is everyone gets to login smoothly but that's not the case.

    This is just getting tiring...

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    well, guess I have friend..
    I also encounter the same problem, but I just keep restarting, if lucky, it only takes 30 minutes, if not, the worst case is 5 hours

    P.S I playing this game while studying, so, one click restart then wait by reading a book, so I don't waste my precious time LOL
    name : Benyamin
    server : Camp Calorn
    job : Knight
    Guild : Indo_stars

    Game for fun


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      your not alone, half the time my screen is black, or just takes a while to come on, then when it comes to a fight of any kind or just going out of the castle, the loading screen goes to like 40to50% and stays their for a good 5 to 10 min. by that time the battles r over. when this game first came out and i started playing, in ran so good not one thing wrong, then when they did their so called fixing things they screwed everything up. well anyway your not alone on this and maybe if i ***** ppl will here me.


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        Unliking the page and the game itself, not a good game to refer to any friend...

        goodbye for good and all the games from r2


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          Is your Flash Player at the newest version? Is you PC too old then try it with changing the priority of your internet browser process. Did you check your Internet connection?
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