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Cross server meeting room

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  • Cross server meeting room

    Lots of us have many characters on various servers. I think it would be cool to have a spot where we could meet on purpose across server. Perhaps a small dungeon like the mines or a room like the altar. We have all heard the conversations of "My archer on such and such a server could take your knight on this server". A universal meeting room where friends from various servers could meet the toons of friends who are on other servers and chat or fight according to their desires. Not looking for a big event room like BG, more of a place like the altar. Does that make any sense? I'm kind of tired and having trouble finding the words to explain what I mean. LOL
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    If it doesn't contribute to lag, why not?
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      Sounds like a great idea to me. As an addendum, I think it should be possible for people to spectate these duels. Would be a good way to enhance the social aspect of this game


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        I agree with this idea.


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          i could not agree more . pls lets have this , it could be the coolest thing ever