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  • Suggestions

    Hello ,
    I have few suggestions hope R2 will work on it

    1. Tank fight:- every 1 facing problem in tank fight bcoz when we start tank fight other side leave right after start tank fight so we lose rewards without it would be good if the person who leave should miss reward & his tank fight over right after he leave.

    2.Skill reset:- we need 895 balens to reset all skills, y not 25 balens for each skill point u want to remove. like if i want to remove Archer skill blood thirsty strike, after reset this skill i will lose Delphic death star also so total 5 skills points reset only 5x25=125 balens .

    3. Inventory slots :- open all inventory slots was very easy with vouchers b4 but now we need more then 10k balens to open all slots. it would be good if we can open new slots with less amount of balens.

    Thanks .