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Experiences reduction from level 70 through 80

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  • Experiences reduction from level 70 through 80

    The people who have the max possible exp gained, let's say 1.600.000.000 is the max exp you can get. Now for an example: After the exp reduction patch will be the max exp 1.400.000.000.

    So my questions are:
    Do the talent exp increases? So we will still have to reach 1.600.000.000 exp to get the max exp or the people are getting exp books for it? Or the people are getting the offline exp bonus?

    These questions are related to, for the people who have not maxed out their exp yet and level 71+.

    Does anyone know?

    Thanks in advance.
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    of what i have heared is that the xp they redus will be giving in some kind of xp books