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    First i want again to thank you guys for awesome rune event and both runes in Glory shop. Finding second rune was major problem for most players, and at least i am very happy, but i beleave most players share my opinion (at least in my server they do).

    Now i have some new suggestions, most of them for new mounts:

    1. Many players before me asked for same, but i will do it too: Please create new ToK mount. On high difficult collecting Shadow Souls is so easy. I'm doing NM every day and this is 16 souls per day plus almost everyday i get at least 3 souls from ToK's chests (you cant imagine how annoying is this, but hey its bad luck, not your fault). Or if you dont want to add new ToK mount at least make Shadow Souls more expensive, cuz to sell them for 1 gold per piece is a joke, totally not worth it. Its the same with Mount Spirits. Once when we have Ice Fang and Nightshade those spirits become useless and worthless. Ofc in every game need to have some progress, so you can set some requirements. For example for second ToK mount you can set requirement to be cleared whole dungeon at hard. Why exactly hard? Well if you set NM as requirement players that will be able to get it wont be so much (well right now NM in ToK is much, much more easy than hard (basically thanks to Jacko)). Current ToK mount - Netherwing Dragon give us + 30 to all stats + 300 mount strength, so if you gonna do new mount make it +40 to all stats, as next level ToK mount and for cost for example 2000 Shadow Souls.

    2. Necropolis mount. Just like in Crypt make one mount for Necropolis. Still we dont have lvl80 gear, so once when we have both lvl70 rings and jewels legendary (7500 tokens per each) crypt tokens become useless too. To exchange them for gold is stupid, and the other thing that we can get is scrolls from crypt shop, but most players take enough scrolls from guild blessing, so they dont need scrolls, and only collect tokens, that cant use. Even when we get lvl80 gear, once when we buy it and make it legendary once again tokens will become useless. So give is Necropolis mount, which we can get from Crypt shop with tokens. Darknight steed cost is 6K tokens, so 10 or 12K tokens for Necropolis will be fair enough as price. Ofc you can set requirements again, for example to be cleared lvl 10 or 15. If requirement is over lvl15 most players in newer servers simply cant get it, cuz wont be able to pass lvl15+. Ofc this will stimulate more players to try Necropolis, so to buy more crypt keys, cuz lets be honest right now most players (except big spenders) dont run Necropolis everyday, they prefer to get some free exp with Signet trainings. For now we dont have Minotaur as mount, and at least for me minotaur is suitable as Necropolis mount. +50 to all stats and +300 mount strenght will be nice.

    3. Pretty much is same situation with insignia. When we get all shards for lvl70 legendary gear (25K insignia per piece, 100K in total - its not so hard to be collected, if you can run ToK at NM) and w/o lvl80 PvE set Insignia become useless too. We can use it for exp, but hey not everyone need exp and then what to do with all insignia that we have?! So we have Royal steed when we get Crusader title, so make one more steed with requirement - Lord Divine title and for example 50K insignia as cost. +100 to all stats and +500 mount strength.

    4. Please make at least one new tank (tier5) for tank trails. Yes many players dont like tanks, but now after rune event that we got, now everyone is running tanks, cuz everyone need stones. To get tier4 tank - Predator is too easy, and then what? At every 10 days we get one level in tanks and we get some tech bonuses, but they cant make big difference. So make one new tier tank, with requirement for example tank level 25 to be unlocked for free, and tank level 20 to buy it with balens. And be sure if you make that a lot players that have tier4 tank, but dont have the requirement level will buy it with balens (just like it was with tier 4 tanks).

    5. Unlock last 3 slots in farm. Even if we have to buy them with balens plus some level requirement. 500 for 1st slot, 1000 for 2nd, 1500 for 3rd balens per slot sound to me very reasonable. Most players will buy them.

    That's it for now.

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    Moving to Suggestions.
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      lots of great ideas here folks, plus gives us way to get new mounts since someone *cough*stinkineliteclub*cough* decided giving them away in hot events was too easy for the players who spend day in day out grinding their way through the game instead of doing it the easy way and buying them...(hey dont look at me like that, if you got it spend it I always say!) but yes, having 9k fate stones and 1500 shadow souls and nothing to spend them on...gets hella annoying sometimes and i want to just sell them, but i'm sure if i do that they'll be used shortly after that and i'll have to collect them again :x

      Disclaimer: none of the above was written in lieu of being beaten up and kicked out of guild, i swear! (even if Voodoo is my guild leader =P)


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        I'd rather see more consumables as options to spend all these materials we collect on, rather than additional once and done mounts.

        For example: A crypt key for 100 shadow souls. This would allow a player who only does Easy ToK to get 1 key every 10 days, every 8.5 days on normal, 7.5 days on hard, and 6.5 days on NM.

        Crypt tokens already have a number of consumables to spend on, such as gold chests, scrolls, etc. so a necropolis mount is a good idea.

        As for insignia, there are other things to spend on besides xp, but those things do need to be expanded. Level 4 and 5 endurance pots need to be added, and the missing pots of defense and charisma level 1-5 need to be added as well. You can already get the power/intel pots in the guild store and all the scrolls in the crypt store. If you don't want to buy pots, you can always buy the xp books and then sell them for 3k gold each. 10 insignias for 3k gold...not the best conversion rate, but it's an option :P

        No opinion on tanks.

        Absolutely to finally unlocking the last 3 slots in the farm, but a big H.E. Double hockey sticks NO!! to paying $30 to get the 3 slots. Hades will be permanently frozen over before I'd shell out a ridiculous amount like that for just 3 seed slots.


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          All great idea....just one tiny issue....R2 don't pay attention lol
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            Originally posted by DrigenDragon View Post
            All great idea....just one tiny issue....R2 don't pay attention lol
            Disagree with that. Last time when i suggested smtg - 10 days later we got it - rune event was my idea.
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              *thumbs up* okay proved wrong. your a beast man. I loves that rune event
              "You're the darkest burning star, You're my perfect disease"