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{Suggestion** ranking on dungeons

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  • {Suggestion** ranking on dungeons

    I have noticed that for all normal dungeons like Worg lair, once competed you get a rank, not knowing exactly what the ranking ranges from but i have obtained rank B, A and S. what im suggesting is for obtaining an S rank you get a reward, where its one of the blue / purple drops from the dungeon or extra gold / dura / exp or something. coz at the moment the ranking is just a number. personally i think its a good idea and players will work hard for an S rank. What do other people think?

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    i'm glad you brought that up. I for one would like to know what the different rankings mean. S B A I've just recently seen my first B and it kind of shocked me to see something other than those two. I'd also like to know how to improve on those ratings and what they do for you.
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      One thing I notice is ranks give higher exp at the end of the dungeon and the only things I found that effects your rank is damage done and your combo although can't be to sure on that one but damage is one for sure.