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  • The chat filter

    Remove it.

    It's an overly restrictive and worthless annoyance that is easily circumvented in several ways. It filters out the most ridiculous and stupid things.

    Fragment is filtered to fra**ent. Really? You really feel the need to filter gm out of the MIDDLE OF A FREAKING WORD? An abbreviation, I might add, that is MORE commonly used to mean GUILD master rather than game moderator.
    Hooray (as in Hooray, it's Wednesday, the week is almost half done!) gets filtered to ****ay. Really?

    Many, many more examples like these in the game...and every single time it occurs someone just retypes the exact same word in a way that bypasses the filter.

    Remove the filter. We don't need it. At the very least, give us a config option to shut it off.