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  • Event Tokens

    Before we started getting the unlimited whips event, regular quests that gave tokens gave 2-3 tokens instead of 1. When unlimited whips and sc was introduced, tokens was decrease to 1, which was kind of fair.
    but now that there are no unlimited whips and sc events, quests still give 1 token out. Can the tokens given out from the quests be returned back to 2-3 depending on the quest?

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    I totally agree with you. Before the unlimited events it was common for us to get 80-100 event tokens each month and could trade for clothing, mounts, etc. Now it is hard to get 30 event tokens to trade for 1 mahra pack. I'm not a free player, and I've spent a decent amount of money, but I cant afford to spend loads every month. Therefore I have to suffer with absolutely no character growth because they refuse to reward dedicated players. Its no wonder so many high 60s and 70s quit this game. Even if they spent in the past they have no way to progress their character because to get anything now, you must spend $100s a month. How much does someone have to spend before they can have a quality gaming experience without being asked to hand over their life savings? I've spent more on this game than I have EVER spent on any other game, but now I have no interest in even playing anymore. There is absolutely nothing to look forward to. Oh a patch is coming out. All that means its they are gonna expect even more spending and if you don't have much money to spend, you will be left to hang, no matter what you already spent on this game. This is the only game I've ever played that had a $200+ monthly bill. ITS RIDICULOUS!!! LEARN TO NOT BE SO GREEDY AND GIVE BACK TO THE DEDICATED PLAYERS THAT HAVE BROUGHT YOU THIS FAR!!!