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about arena

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  • about arena

    what is the level difference in arena ??? 30-??

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    there are no level caps on is a free for all...Battle Grounds, however, are split as follow-30-39 and 40-80...kind of a bummer to me....


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      battleground should be split up 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, etc... 10 levels is enough of a spread to make it interesting but 20 or 30 levels is just ridiculous.
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        so 30-39 you get 9 lvl's difference then all of a sudden you hit 40 and smack dab in the middle of a lvl 80 war? Sounds fun.


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          Thats not funny , loosing all your points couse the top player happens to have double BR than the 2nd in server ( on mine 2nd has 19k BR and 1st has 28k ..................... lvl 47 both )
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            i had level 33 in my battleground and im level 43 so i dont what game you guys are playing.he just tried to run carts cause he couldnt help fight to much.also i had level 23 with a 2200br on my arena team when i enter random room
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