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Market prices - r2games gone insane!!!

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  • Market prices - r2games gone insane!!!

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    480 $ for just one level 50 gear item? Are you crazy....? (Full set = 1920 $)
    That's like 4 (16) years playing any monthly fee client game!
    Even if there will follow posts that you can get these items by just playing the game - the price policy of r2games is just insane...
    I wonder what endgear would cost?! 10000 $ each or even more?

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    Go and read the R2 responses in the other 1000 threads like yours.

    Price mistakes that will be corrected in next update. Those prices you looking at are the chinese balen prices.


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      Don't believe their statement of chinese balen prices. By that logic, the price should have been 480000 if it was ours.

      Sway said their prices are a tenth of what we have. So, if thats the case and that IS their price... then we are just going to get screwed more later.
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        $1920 consider small for hardcore rich no life gamer..hehe..(no offense) i saw them spending around 4k - 5k dollar per month on other online game..Well of course we know spending money like that is abnormal.. but well..just they said maybe R2 will change some item prices in the future..
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          yeah... looks like R2 is hungry for money. the prices are ridiculous...


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            Honestly, this may be a glitch in the system and they will probably fix the prices. However, it won't be such a huge fix. My bet instead of paying 490000 for one item. They will only drop it to 490 the lowest for an item. Which is still a lot since you need to buy the full set. That be 5 bucks a set piece and 20 for the full set. Keep in mind gems are 85 cents each and rods are close to 2 dollars each in the shop. So don't expect this to drop really cheap.


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              Thats really crazy
              Just for some pdef and mdef..
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