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Auto-complete quests that require [x] item to be [x]'ed to [x] level

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  • Auto-complete quests that require [x] item to be [x]'ed to [x] level

    I've noticed this in the tutorial quests, how they tell you to upgrade buildings to certain levels and equipment to certain enchantment levels. It auto-completes for buildings, but even if you have an enchanted piece of equipment to the required level, you can't complete it. For example:

    I got overzealous and enchanted all my things to their max level. To complete this quest I'll have to play a campaign map until I (hopefully) get an item drop. This is time-consuming and wasting my stamina for whatever other map I wanted to use it on.

    Also, in case there's worry that this would allow people to auto-complete Bounty Quests that assign you to enchanting items so much, that wouldn't really factor in from what I can see, since one is having an item enchanted to a certain level and the other is just successfully enchanting a total of [x] times.

    While I'd like this to apply for quests that want you to socket gems as well, at least you can take gems off and put 'em back in. From what I can see you can't downgrade your enchanted items, nor would I see why you'd want to other than to get past this weird quest.
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