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Kabam Server 39 here requesting merge

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  • xStormy
    started a topic Kabam Server 39 here requesting merge

    Kabam Server 39 here requesting merge

    We were told by an R2vet to post here. Would love a server merge. With an older server, with a younger server, it doesn't matter. Guild Battle is the same every week. More and more people seem to be leaving. It's difficult to find groups for running various dungeons and arenas and such. It would be amazing if we could get some new blood. Please please please!

    Also fellow server 39ers please reply to this thread. R2vet also said the more attention the thread gets the more likely we will get a merge. Any servers interested in merging with us? It'd be a lot of fun!! Let's hear it for a merge!

  • mhendrawan
    Agree !!

    Pls merger them with us in S-38. Guild battles are boring with half participants are dead guild, and from more than 200 ppl in my friend list, I never see more than 50 online at the same time now while in the old days i can see more than 100 online.

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