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    Originally posted by themental View Post
    a strong gaia can always do the job mate .. im not talking about cashing but if u got an apollo or pan then go for gaia even if u dont want her as main sylph use her for wb and spire
    We go in 3 gaia, and 1 iris. Sometime 2 gaia, 1 Aq, 1Iris.
    Sarcasm Intended


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      Originally posted by DanteMugetsu View Post
      yes it does, even with whole team vulcaning we get the attack buff. after we beat it, it says victory and we are kicked out of spire room. so no more after 20 for now...
      Gratz, great job.
      We r still workin on L20, but its a tough lvl to beat.
      So 20 is last lvl for now? Hope they will get more lvls after update 2.46
      Level:80 Adv


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        Originally posted by leagleye View Post
        Gratz, great job.
        We r still workin on L20, but its a tough lvl to beat.
        So 20 is last lvl for now? Hope they will get more lvls after update 2.46
        Chinese version has 24 levels in spire so it's probable that we'll get those somewhat soon. I'm expecting quite the jump in the average level 80s br once god forging comes out, though idk when that'll be. I'd guess around late June/early July.


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          Originally posted by Hot*Shot View Post
          my team gets stuck at lych boss. ~(115k knight, 115k archer, 95k archer(me), 95k mage)

          Player Level: 65
          Player Class: Archer
          Honor Title: Lord Divine

          95k br? thats impressive
          IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
          Class: Archer
          Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

          Guild: Black Lotus
          Sylph: Hercules ★★ 46968
          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
          but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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            Originally posted by DeathTh3Kid View Post
            My team is now at the Paladin stage, 17 i think it is? we can make it if we get an extra vulcan, but the hits he does is freaking amazing xD

            Congrats Dante, can't wait for a video if you can make one
            i cant find a decent screen video recorder that i dont have to pay for it...
            Originally posted by TheVictorious
            Is this "soon" like additional spot in farm or homestead? :P
            Originally posted by PunkPetal
            Did same to me, is embarrassing when u tthrow everything but the kitchen sink, and they sit casting rof
            Originally posted by EdGrr
            A life of frustration is inevitable for any player whose main enjoyment is winning and staying at the top.
            IGN: Dragon Soul Warlock DanteMugetsu
            Guild: #1 European Mighty Guild KINGSoKong
            Server: Kongregate Europe 3 a.k.a Kong S5
            Class: Mage
            Currect Br: 61????


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              Very Nice Job, Congrats


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                Congratz great job ! hope to see a vid once of ure achievement ^^ would be nice to see ! ^^ keep up this good work !
                Archer: GodFatherâ„¢ lvl: 80 BR: 1,467.460


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                  Oh, nice guys. Top team on our server is only reaching 20, but haven't killed it yet.

                  And Bozko, please take off your med/% astrals for the night :P


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                    according to 24 bosses which are not still in our version of wartune they will add

                    iris sylph ,, amazon queen, gaia sylph and pan as the last boss , and that will complete the 24 whole spire like chinese players did