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How good are the "stat" giving astrals really for a high power character?

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  • How good are the "stat" giving astrals really for a high power character?

    As the title suggests.

    I have a 130k+ BR level 78 mage. It was formerly EWD and I have now converted it to Crit and am at the moment busy trying to get good refines.

    For me it seems that the two stats that really matter when it comes to refines and astrals are Crit and Block. Question is, however, how useful the remaining ones really are?

    Take first Brilliance - it is sort of a given that it completely blows compared to, say, Illusion at a high level. Say that you have at least 100k HP. The astral will add 7500 HP at level 10. Compare that to a 20% chance to dodge a hit altogether? I think it is fairly obvious what is stronger.

    But the rest? Willpower, Fortitude, Mysticality? My Willpower at level 7 currently adds 2016 MDEF. How effective is this (with the total being 28500) compared to Illusion, Deflection or Guardian Angel? Illusion would be level 8 and give 16% dodge chance. Et cetera.

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        Is obvious % astrals give most value while actually dont rise br. WD or deter, goddess, illu, GA best astrals all give 0 br


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          personally i have been slowly coming to a similar conclusion to yourself about astrals and atm have swaped a magic defence astral for an illusion and an hp for a block and i have no regrets


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            I only have 3 stat astrals: mattack, mdef (cos i get class bonus) and block

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