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  • Balens for Gold

    before any cash-players begin whining - hear me out. I've also bought a recharge pack or two, so it's fair to say I can easily speak knowing both sides of the arguments I've already seen between the payers vs. non-payers.

    There is already a conversion in-game, that's in the Guild Contribution window: 1000 gold = 1 contribution point + 1 Guild Wealth. Right below that there is the equivalent for balens ( I can't recall the number, either it was 5 or one) that still equals 1 contribution point + 1 guild wealth.

    I've also seen posts about players wanting a real market, one you can buy or sell in-game gear/items. Having played MMOs, and even been an admin on one - the economy in-game can become very unstable, very quickly. Prices of items/gear can escalate almost to the point of being out of reach of even the casual player.

    In steps a gold sink, Gold for Balens. R2 could stick to the conversion mentioned above, or even make it a little more, but nothing over the top. This would entice players to sink gold into the conversion, hoping to get their hands on just some of the balens-only items cash players get to enjoy.

    I do not believe this will hurt R2 at all. Give them a little taste of what they could get, then suddenly $5 or $10 might not seem so bad.

    S7 & S11

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    Non cash player here.

    This would be nice but you have to also take in to consideration how much gold people get ALL THE TIME.

    It would really hurt the balens because no one would need to spend money on a conversion like that. I pull around 400-500k gold a day [not farming and doing things]
    Then I could just throw it all into balens and go spam around the shop for gems and socketing things. Thus I would *be* a Vip basically. There would be no real reason to pay money to the game anymore just wait a day or two longer.


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      Originally posted by zhadowwulff View Post
      It would really hurt the balens because no one would need to spend money on a conversion like that.
      good point, I don't rake in that much gold (yet) - R2 would certainly need to adjust the conversion, but I still believe the idea would be a nice one, if only to let the non-cash players get a few balens a day. Eventually they could get enough together to get something they want from the shop(s)

      S7 & S11