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Guild Battle Adjustments in patch is unclear

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  • Guild Battle Adjustments in patch is unclear

    The info says "During Guild Battle, every occupied Mystery Tower increases damage to the opponent’s Ward Tower by 50%."

    It also says "Once a guild occupies all four Mystery Towers, damage dealt to the opponent’s Ward Tower increases by 100%"

    Why is this not 200%? (4 towers x 50% = 200%)

    If I read it right, if a guild does not hold a tower, damage on the enemy ward is negated. Does this mean all damage?

    What exactly is changing here?

    If anyone can help me understand this correction, thanks.

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    The 2 guilds will start with 100% damage reduction. So occupying 4 towers will lead you to 100% damage increase.


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      Ahhh, got it, thanks.

      So, it looks like this then:

      No towers equuals minus 100%
      1 tower equals minus 50%
      2 towers equals no minus or bonus
      3 towers equals plus 50%
      4 towers equals plus 100%

      ... and now that that is clear, I see no result difference in the end resulting calculations. Only difference I see is how they describe it. If your side holds 3 towers, you get a plus 50% bonus while the other side can't possibly hold more the 1 tower so would be at a minus 50% damage bonus. I guess the only change is, using the above, that someone needs to hold the 4th tower to get anything one way or the other.

      Wow, rather anti-climatic if you ask me.