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    Option : remove other people in World Boss - as in Cloud City (show other players) - will remove lag.
    Option : remove other players placed in settings - so you don't have to click every time you start the game, including the numerous refreshes due to black screen, white screen and the annoying 3 swordsman in team arena.
    Option : remove or freeze the 3 new statues - which slow down the computer so much.
    Map : when clicking on map you go directly to place rather than have to walk there which is really annoying, and takes up so much time.
    Circuit Quests : Removal of contribution quests. I leave these until reset on Mondays so they get killed.
    Circuit Quests : Correction of quests which have incorrect number of creatures to kill in a solo or team dungeon, ie kill 30 when there are only 21 creatures in the dungeon.

    Addition : 2nd high level amythyst mining time (not just 21:00-21:30pm which is 5:00-5:30am for me) - how about letting other players get the higher rewards instead of only the select few, who happen to match server time.
    Removal : remove stamina completely from game - its a waste and is never used.
    Addition : better in game help - you have just added various new mini games - but do not give enough help for them - what are Berdim's Wine for and how do you use them - its not mentioned in the help for treasure maps.