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nerfed gaia and wb

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    I also notice that the gias passive skill unstable voltage does not work now on the wb too everytime u take dmg u get a buff of 5% more dmg but during wb was not getting the buff after taking dmg


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      Originally posted by Daehawk View Post

      The damage isn't It hits the target and then hits the target again, It hits other enemies in the same column take 50% of the damage it took. No more double dipping bug.
      maybe the bosses take up the entire row AND column !
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        Originally posted by View Post
        2nd hit wasn't supposed to be there in the first place.
        Not just archers can slow you know. Sure, we get it at 100%, but we aren't the only ones that benefit. Thunderer has a chance to slow, mire rune slows too.
        What's wrong with awaken option to afk? If you want to mindlessly afk at the wb, it makes no different if sylph awakens or not.
        Huge lag everyone got? Not one person on my server has complained of increased lag. Maybe clear your cache and cookies.
        i cleared everything like always, and i am not the only one complaining, everyone else on server is to. also not everyone has the posibility to buy mire rune, and maybe i want 1 run to build -juice- for awaken, so that next one i can awaken from start. also afk gives knights the chance the use skills a lil faster, since ours are the slower at wb


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          i personally hate the wb slowing thing. Caters to archers too much. I'm a mage, and while it also caters to me a little, its very inconsistant. And knights.. poor poor knights. I know many archers that would be unhappy with me for saying so, but.. it needs to be removed. I have 100k br, i shouldnt be doubling the dmg of a 130k br knight, nor should a 65k br archer be tripling my dmg.
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            Long ago, WB was capable of being slowed... for a very long time. Just goes back to the roots of giving archers a gap. It'll probably be fixed again once the archer toons "they" play have maxed out.

            Still, even non-archers can take some advantage of it by using Paladin troops (partial by comparison and sacrifice real troops' damage + enlightenment), mire rune ($ + luck to stick it), and thunderer (if mage, flip-a-coin, pray for rage).
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              Interesting thing

              Archer's Incendiary still have a 2nd hit on it (when there's only 1 target), even tho Gaia's skill and Incendiary have exact same effects.