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Some suggestions regarding guilds

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  • Some suggestions regarding guilds

    Hi! I'm a guild master and I have a few suggestions on some things I'd like to see improved on with the guild system:

    - An additional tab in the guild view that shows you where other characters are in the game. For example: Say you're looking to find people to run Bloodlands with you, you can take a quick look at the location guide and see some people already running Bloodlands, so you're not inviting people unncessesarily. Or you can see if they're in Catacombs or arena etc. Just a cool thing that can be added.

    - Changing the names of leadership roles and guild master deciding what powers are attributed to them. For example you could change the guild master to supreme ruler if that's your thing, or commander, etc. You could decide what powers the assitant guild masters have, the officers have etc.

    - Make a guild hall where guild members could hang out, you could make a separate building where the shops, altars and vault are and guild members could duel each other for fun or check out each other's gear and could be really good for guild team building. You could have a bunch of different decorations you could by as well.

    - A guild symbol or insignia that Guilds could make that would make them stand out a bit. Guild Wars had a guild cape that was designed that players could run around in.

    I'm sorry if this kind of thing was entered before, I tried to search for a similar thread, but couldn't find anything.


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    Guild hall and symbols/insignia have already been suggested in a large amount of detail and have been noted by GMs already. Additional tabs to find other players in guilds sounds nice.
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      are there a cap to guilds? if not set one !