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Solo PVP Arena AI Toon - How Does It Work?

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  • Solo PVP Arena AI Toon - How Does It Work?

    I am wondering how your Character's AI works in Solo PVP Arena.

    I mean your character is challenged by another character controlled by an actual player. This means your toon is using some sort of AI.

    How does this AI works?

    What skill does your AI uses? Is it the skills on your current bar? Or is it random selection of skill from your available skill set?

    My toon keeps jumping back and forth from top 20s to top 10s. It only goes back to Top 10 if actually do the duel, otherwise my toon simply slides back down significantly.

    I slid down to rank 13 and challenged top 5 toon. The Top 5 AI Toon was using suntoria, and I was "***!".

    So I was wondering if my AI is also using suntoria during these solo PVP.

    Just wondering.

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    It uses the skills on your current skill bar.
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      whats so wrong about suntoria? its a beast skill with that skill im invincible even to archers..