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Server shutting down !

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  • Server shutting down !

    what else to say, dono what they fix this time :?
    when will it be back any idea ?
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    I'm Cupcaked ! My Account got hacked and some cupcaker sold every thing. Blah !!!
    and R2 Not helping with restoring the account. Sweet, This is what i put tons of money here .

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    I hope wb
    #enough said
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      Originally posted by Prizzly View Post
      I hope wb
      #enough said

      world boss is fine as it is

      you knights just need to man up
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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        I've asked and all I know so far is maintenance *is* going to happen and that the GMs are going to post an announcement on the forum about it...
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          Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo View Post
          world boss is fine as it is

          you knights just need to man up
          Besides that will be the only part of game they are underdog, the rest, with the current updates they are very strong. They have the most defense passives among the class.
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