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Battle Protection

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  • Battle Protection

    Like the thread name said it's about this new thing from game.
    If I think logical this Battle Protection should be active vs players but something here is strange . In spire for example ( I am a knight ) I can tank very easy the Eye with no problems even if I have that debuff with 70% less mdef and at lvl 13 that boss hit us very hard without debuffs after this patch. Before this patch was pretty hard with that debuff at Eye to tank and lvl 13 was easy to kill.
    In Moon NM if I use Gaia I make less damage on mobs, if I switch on Iris my main pet the damage raise.
    It's no sense whats going on here I think.
    Battle Protection should be just against players not in mpd's, tormented and other places.
    Anyone have some ideas to explain ?

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    Yes, battle protection applies in PVE now. It's difficult to tell which element is which in most instances EXCEPT for nirvana, where all the mobs are labeled with which element they are.