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Sylph on AFK in WB

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  • Sylph on AFK in WB

    It would be nice when your in WB and on AFK with a Irris sylph that it did not HEALLLLL.

    You can't remove healing skills for AFK in WB like on your hero so please do it so in WB are healing skills either not possible for the AI in AFK or is removable like your own skills are.

    Also change the AI to activate the sylph when full everytime it is because if it does then it activate just before WB last hit = waste of activation make it at least not do it unless its start of a fight not in the middle of it against WB.
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    OR you could switch sylphs, Who uses iris in World Boss anyways? (hypothetical question cause obviously you do.)


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      Well admins rly scrеwed afk mode with aweken! This must me fixed! In days when lag is insane afk mode was good option, but not now... and cuz this is wartune there is always insane lag during wb! AI rly use aweken by very stupid way, just when Sylph is ready and AI is using aweken, and if you are a knight (so now slow vs wb) you cant use Sylph delphic vs wb, just not enough turns, but cuz Sylph is alrdy used you cant use it after respown so basically knights are losing their Sylph's delphics, so they are losing a lot gold/daru! So this is super useless and pointless and what is most important its not fair for knights. I was used to use mixed system of afk and manual playing. Now after new patch, when my Sylph is rdy to aweken i cant use afk mode anymore.

      So please R2 remove aweken from afk mode, if we want to use Sylph we can do it manual, but not stupid AI to decede instead of us!


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        Originally posted by SnipeShot6 View Post
        OR you could switch sylphs, Who uses iris in World Boss anyways? (hypothetical question cause obviously you do.)
        Sniper i use Gaia, but my GF has not been lucky with the other sylphs so her best sylph in damage is a blue Irris she gotten for free, she have not even been able to get a green pan, amazon queen or gaia so she could upgrade them, doing it from white is plane stupid.

        So it was due to her blue irris she use due to the fact it does do more damage in sylph form than the other sylphs we noticed with this new AFK it heals.

        And tbh thats just riddicilus.

        And if others out there only gotten irris so far then we are back at the fact it should not heal in WB.

        But its nice to have a mister smartipants here who should really think before posting.