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  • GMT+7 Server

    As i see many player from south east asia
    would you considering on making a new server but with GMT+7 time
    so asian people can play with better time and can join more event

  • #2
    +1 - i agreed !!
    i'm hearing that, GMT Serv will ready on end of next week, is this right ?
    Have any one open with GMT + 5/6/7/8 for asean player ?
    At the moment, we missed many events each day by difference working time.


    • #3
      Currently, only the 3 times are available, but they are looking into other times.
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        hmmm not only server but the battle ground time and ReDOGA Drake Boos time must Change.
        battle GRound at 20:00-20:55 (Server time), GMT time its 3.00 AM. time to sleep and take rest.
        Boss Redoga Drake at 21:00(server time), GMT its 4.00AM OMG...
        i HOPE dev change change the battle ground time to 23:00 Server time, (GMT 6:00 AM, Morning wake Up time)


        • #5
          GMT times are really messed up outside US.
          Almost no one can join guild battles that time(3-4-5am)

          DO SOMETHING pls!


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            +1 to this, since the people who speak asian and eastern languages all seem to group together in 1 guild anyway, and it's not like they get anything out of WB's ot GB's.

            However, these people are massive cashers, so maybe if they had servers in their timezone, R2 would earn more money