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Loosing Honor AT VIP 4????

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  • Loosing Honor AT VIP 4????

    Im Just wondering why im starting loosing honor in VIP 4 what i knew is you will start
    loosing 10% of honor once your VIP 5... please explain to me why??..............

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    You will lose honor unless you're VIP 9.
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      Honor Level

      Once you make Crusader honor level, you will start to lose honor with a loss. VIP level just affects how much you can cut honor losses percentage wise.
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        You'll lose honor when you're crusader or higher.

        You will lose less honor when you're vip 5 (starting with 40% reduction) and when you're vip 9, you dont lose any honor at all.

        i think you misunderstood vip. Vip reduces the honor loss you get total. Because everyone will lose honor once they're crusader.


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          ow.. i see.. that explains it.. i really miss understood vip.. anyway tnx for the advice guys