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    How about you can challenge another guild to a guild battle outside the regular guild battles.
    One guild master challenges and the other G.M has to accept for battle to start.
    You can do it once a week, don't get any honor or insigna from it, its just for training, or to see what guild is stronger.
    On my server before merger 2-nd and 3-rd guild were close in points but never got paired in regular GB and i thought it might make a good battle, most other battles ended in 15 minutes.
    Could also be good if you want to merge guilds, you don't know how strong the other is, you can decide to have a battle to see who is stronger.
    SlyDevil | s374

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    That sounds really cool! On our server week after week it seems like we fight the same guilds on the same day, unless they merge. Would be a great change and opportunity to see how non GB guilds are doing.
    Kabam S76 west