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Compensaion not fair.

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    once again

    once again R2games dont care about his players! They only care about cashers the rest of the players they dont even think about if we see 70% of players is low cashers or non cashers if this players stop playing this game is finish!


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      Originally posted by Filfiljuma View Post
      This is one I actually agree on, they shouldn't get a free 7 day mount, 25 mount spirits, AND 300 mount whips. that's just too far and too unfair.
      so on top of having wasted 25 spirits and suffered emotionally and mentally for being tricked into spending 25 spirits for something that was +100 stats and permanent being changed to +20 stats and 7 days and only being compensated with 25 spirits alone is fair? If you ever dealt with lawsuits, you'd know that any compensation doesn't just involve quantifiable loss of resources. Sometimes damages also include emotional and mental suffering.

      As for getting to enjoy +20 stats for 7 days, you think it makes a difference? I'm sure if you come EU servers and I give you that +20 stat mount I'd still thrash you with ease. +20 for 7 days doesn't make any difference in most PVP fights. With or without it you still kill the ones you can kill before and still get killed by the ones you can't kill before this mount was released.
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