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    first let me say awesome game guys love it a lot of different elements and playability. And you seem to listen so here goes I wont be spending a dime more on this game till the vip wheel chances change i dont mind paying a bit for vip but honestly your wheel dodges the gems for Lvl 1 gold seeds seriously guys? come be a vip and win seeds that cost 500 gold while your one away from a lvl 6 or 7 gem ALL THE TIME. i understand i really do, suck people in with the awesome gems u can win but eh lets give em a lvl 1 daru seed >.< and then when they see the gems they want them, so they will spend money to buy all lvl 2 gems and change them into 6 and 7s we will make so much money well no it wont work on me done seen it done by to many companies to many times ill tell you what i told them i wasnt born yesterday please stop trying to treat me like i was. And dont come out with its all random no its not, random means u have a chance to win it all but you never intended for us to win those gems. And next it will be we will let 4 or 5 win big gems so everyone sees it and scrambles to what pay more money to buy small gems and syn them up

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    and u dont have to make the big gems more available how about throwing some lvl 2, 3, and 4 gems in there so we can win something useful and not feel used
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