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New daily stuff , another worthless experience.

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  • New daily stuff , another worthless experience.

    i find Lost Treasure to be a worthless event, if u want to defeat a Gaia, get a damn Pan work your way with it and match it up, its that easy! stupid events that make no sense whatsoever and problems that need attention are being left unattended endlessly, for example:

    1.120 vouchers were being recived through boxes of blitzing and the conversion rate should have been what? what it is now? it should have been 6 bb's.
    2. Why arent the prices for unlocking inventory slots adjusted? or just give the 2nd page freely too and stick with the 3rd one for payment to unlock it.
    3. Why arent the prices for Reseting skills adjusted? im a legit non casher and i'll say for sure that i like the current combo that im in right now of skills, but what if on the future i wanna act stupid and modify my skills? worried about 2 pages of skills that most people got? here's an idea, half it up the price for reseting skills , per each page, so if i only got 1 page i get to pay half and the ones that got double skills pay the same price, its that easy!.
    4. Why do i still recive Shadow Soul from TOK ? make new mounts to be available for that particular item synth or just implement a code like "if the player activated netherwing dragon card, skip shadow soul" or something like that , i figure it like this: You are a coder? do that coding right and let some of us enjoy a game without gettin useless stuff, it is that easy .
    5. Why are there still 200 CQ's to be done in this particular way? Here's a suggestion , keep the 200 in number and make it available to get 10 cq's at a time , instead of 1 at a time, the ammount of willpower that takes to travel to Atoll L4 4-5 times in a row for the same **** its depressing.
    6. Why are there prices on a majority of items here like 1-2 gold? Example "Shadow Crystal" i got 3k of those that i will never use probably and they are worth 2gold each ? You even modified daily rewards on devotion to 50k only per daily login , and u figure that 2gold /item is worth anything? it doesnt even worth the trouble for me to point my mouse over sell with it. Here's a suggestion, take some of your time and invest into this minor things that need re-adjusting.

    And couple of other issues i figure that dont really come to mind right now.
    Yours trully.