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World Boss

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  • World Boss

    Simple: make the world boss work!
    What are they doing with the money we pay?
    Very delay in servers and nobody can compete fairly for good placements.
    And we lost because Ballens reborn and the character does not work, BUT DEBITS the Ballens!

    The game is good but the servers you are a waste when required. Bet that use low-cost computers.
    Last edited by frlnando; 09-19-2012, 10:34 AM.

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    I don't understand what your problem here is with the world boss.

    Could you not load into it?
    Did your server actually lose to it?

    If its the loading, everyone has slight lag to loading but it is mainly your computer, as mine runs it just fine.
    (also when the client comes out it will be better)
    Server losing to it means you didn't have enough people actually attacking it.

    And if you are talking about the ranking of people, They stack pure DMG things for the bosses. Theres no DEF so they hit harder then die. More dmg = more gold = higher rating.

    There is nothing wrong with the boss, its working just like it should.