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  • Etthack
    started a topic Possible Suggestions

    Possible Suggestions

    • Show how many remaining attempts you have for the day for both exp and crop steals (ex. 159/200)

    Treasure Hunt
    • Enable AFK mode for NPC

    As of now, you can only buy the Power and Intel potions through your Guild Shop, and the only way to get the other potions is through Single Arena or Guild Alter. Here are some suggestions I have:
    • You can have a good gold sink if you add the remaining potions to guild shop.
    • Each level of Sylph Atoll NPCs can drop an herb item, Ex: Lvl 1 Atoll drops Wind Blossom, Lvl 2 Atoll drops Water Blossom, Lvl 3 drops Fire Blossom, and lvl 4 drops Lightning Blossom. You can synthesize a combination of those herbs for the potion you want.

    • Why can't we complete quests while in blitz? A must fix!!!
    • Also, why can't we see Daily Events while in blitz? I know the schedule stays the same, but there are days where we don't have caffeine and our schedules become out-of-whack
    • Have a very rare item that drops when using chests that allows you to insta blitz instead of using balens. You have items that replace balens for other things. For Treasure Hunt you have wine that can be substituted for balens and for refining you have the Refinement Lock. This is basically similar to the Crypt Key, but for an insta blitz. You can even add this item to the balen shop for people to buy!

    AFK Mode Option
    • Have an option whether to use sylph or not. I now hate AFK mode in WB because at the very last possible moment before WB does their big attack, AFK mode transforms my character into sylph mode, WB does their big attack, and now I have to fill my sylph meter all over again.

  • fenrir67
    I actually think the farm idea is quite useful, when i first start playing i stole a lot of crops and did all kind of stuffs, nowadays not really but its nice to see it featured anyway.

    The rest is kinda... meeh imo:P

    Regarding the blitz, there is already an item which allows you finish blitz immediatly i think. So adding this to shop doesn't really do much:P and i prefer not to see my skele keys being used for other than crypt keys:P
    I do agree on you with the finishing quets tho, love to see that too

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