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LVL 10 Amnesia

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    remember my words, always cast sylph after ur opponent...amnesia advantage gone, u ll thank me later
    Originally posted by TheVictorious
    Is this "soon" like additional spot in farm or homestead? :P
    Originally posted by PunkPetal
    Did same to me, is embarrassing when u tthrow everything but the kitchen sink, and they sit casting rof
    Originally posted by EdGrr
    A life of frustration is inevitable for any player whose main enjoyment is winning and staying at the top.
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      if an archer uses DF+ amnesia lvl 10 will it last longer?
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        its for 3 turns indeed but it needs good timing to work for 3 turns....usually when you cast it the opponent is already attacking with a skill so when his skill is done the 3 turns become 2 turns but its still quite useful when the opponent is on sylph form
        but its like this on every lvl. i have mine at lvl 7 (big mistake) and usually it will block their skill for only 1 round because of what u said. but after reading this thread i wonder if there is another bug at lvl 10 which makes the rune even worse?

        @icesz shhh!