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  • Some suggestions

    First of all, felicitations to R2Games for this great game.

    Pretty nice and quite innovative, and although it needs some polish it's quite good.

    I got some small suggestions that I think they will be perfect for game:

    1.- Combat Log. Is it possible to have a chat tab that saves all damage and effects during battles? It would help us to understand better the combat and develop better strategies.

    2.- Monsters dialogs appear in chat window. Sometimes i can't fully read them before combat starts or before the monster chat bubble disappears.

    3.- Remove "Click to continue playing" thing. Switching tabs in my web browser makes the game to show this "window" that turns all game screen shaded. It's annoying and it is useless, since game is not paused. So please, remove it.

    4.- I think this is probably asked but anyway, please implement trading system and "send item" via in-game mail.

    5.- Implement "Report player". Allow players to report to GM's players that may keep spaming or inflicting game policies.

    6.- Duel Player. I would like to see implemented the option to duel anyone. Of course, just for fun, without any reward. The thing is, to right click on someone's name and the dropdown menu that appears should include an "Offer Duel" option. The other player will see a popup window that s/he may accept or not. I would like to duel some friends, but I can't cause they are not in my arena's duel range.

    7.- Hide Chat Window. Allow us to completely hide the chat window. Sometimes while walking in the wilderness or instance or whatever, the chat window may be just where I want to move.

    8.- Permanent hide Quest Tracking window. If I press the small arrow to "minimize" it, it hides but it becomes visible again when I complete any quest. Make this to not happen please.

    10.- Zoom out wilderness map. The same that we can do with city map, but with wilderness map.

    11.- Party Arenas the same level. Players that join group arena should join in their range of levels, for example, players level 25 should be matched with players that level, maybe one or two more levels, and they should fight only against groups of players that are their same levels more or less, because making lvl 25 players to lose all the time agains lvl 30+ players only makes the power difference between high lvl players greater, since hihg lvl players will get better gear than lowbies.

    12.- Custom in-game avatars. Upload them from our computer.

    13.- Notepad. To record notes or whatever, and is stored in server. Sometimes I want to write some notes like players names, or anything else, but since I am not always in the same computer, I have to write in paper.

    14.- Wilderness mobs. While wandering around in the wilderness, it would be nice that players can be randomly attacked by monsters. Just while walking there is a chance to start a combat with some random mobsters the same level than the player.

    That's all. Thanks for your attention. Bye