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PVP mount (Evil Unicorn) card info

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  • PVP mount (Evil Unicorn) card info

    As most of you knows evil unicorn card is for 7 days, after those 7 days it disappear. I got verification from a ticket about evil unicorn card and guess what they said about it... If you synthese it it will disappear after 7 days again. (i guess there will be no second compensation of 25 pvp cards) so you better NOT synthese it. So guys... my suggestion to all of you is to save your pvp cards and wait for battle rating event. (i think it will be on september) My own opinion about this is we had hard times of making 1k pvp points for 3-5 months and now we get 20 stats mounts for 7 days... that's a shame!
    Server: 110 Providence
    Class: Knight
    Guild: Phoenix
    Nickname: Belhor
    Level: 80
    Battle rating: 190588

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    There are already way too many threads on this. This one is not necessary.
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