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veteran casher complaining!

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  • veteran casher complaining!

    after seeing so many rants and complaints from newbies and noncashers, that it's only fair if a veteran player and casher like myself also complain! Let me start by stating that during the past 'it pays to consume" and "big spender" events I have bought many items and one of those items xp scrolls. I use at least 2 daily for mp and campaign maps. In Eastern time zone I am currently placed 6th overall in total amount of xp. Hence, my complain is that I am sitting on a ton of xp, and i cannot even use to level talent skills or holy seal! I am spending money to gain double xp daily since playing oct 2012 and yet these new players are catching up even if they don't spend a dime on xp scroll. To make fair, please increase holy seal cap to at least 200 and add more talent skills requiring xp. in addition, increase stable to 9 or 10 already,,, Ace has maxed out his stable a few months now and i am slowly catching up with him, even though i am not spending nearly half as much. i have more to complain, but this would be enough for now.

    note: when i said new players are catching up in xp, what i mean is that they are catching up in Holy seal and talent skills. after you max both HS and talent skills, xp becomes useless!

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    u understand alot of features are cross server ? u need to short the gap on old vs new players with each update or the gap will be stupid . if u didnt have cross server events it would make sense what u say , but is a none for the system we have .

    PD Adding "Veteran cashers" dont make u look like u have a argument


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      Can I say "I'm a veteran casher" and have people believe me as well?


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        I completely agree! I have no yet maxed out my talents but I will shortly! HS needs to be raised! I am gaining too much exp daily!
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          asnslogy port

          Originally posted by ArchersCheat-44 View Post
          Can I say "I'm a veteran casher" and have people believe me as well?
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            I used to be #4 on EXP on East coast, after TRIP, Jeffhawk and Sinner.

            Hehe, but then again I realized now that EXP is useless. The amount of $$ spent on EXP scrolls is really wasted.
            R2/7Roads aren't really helping veteran players, but giving newer players to catch up.

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              My talents aren't quite maxed yet but I've stopped spending even gold on tree boosts. I am still getting a talent about every other day only using 50% scrolls and such. No sense spending to make exp useless sooner lol.
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                You know, every game has a limit and a max stats/items. You cant expect to be ALWAYS ahead of everyone and once someone who doesnt spend catches up you start to complain. Thats stupid. They are adding new things once in a while so the old players have something to play for. Once you realise slow lvling can make you lvlup your HS faster and you can catch up with the cashers, you know there is a light in the end of the tunnel.

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                  Limits are there so you don't one-shoot WB eventually. Would be a funny race who enter wb first to one-shoot it.


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                    There are always more features coming for u to be ahead of everyone else, as long as u keep spending


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                      You pay for the advantage of "getting it first".

                      For example, I expect in time things like Apollo etc. will be available for free. The guy who spent a lot to get it last year had all that time to use it "first". I hope the advantage here is self-explanatory.

                      I also feel sorry for people who spent a lot in this game; there are so many traps along with bait & switch, smoke & mirrors marketing.

                      Happy gaming
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                        if u think any noncashers are going to catch u in anything u are just stupid...its not possible. as a noncasher that is just a dumb statement. u are really only worried bout new cashers catching u, and i have no sympathy cause u all have insanely high br's already


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                          Solution is simple, don't waste money on pixels and enjoy the long and hard way of poor players, or follow the greedy r2 way spend insane amounts of cash to see a few months later that you make a fool of yourself paying 500 euros for a virtual item that this company will give for free (or very cheap) later in the game.
                          The only thing this company will give for free is a huge amount of LAG


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                            like the old saying goes "slow and steady wins the race " .. am not sure if it works here though. .

                            non spenders have nothing to lose all they have to do is patience and play their cards well . and eventually they get some thing decent .

                            but i guess may be spent the much cash where it was necessary to be . (may be u cash cash in stables after u are done with talent to grow strong)

                            am not critisizing coz its non of my business but i beleive there is smart way of cashing and if u have nowhere to spend your cash , i think there are lots of other stuff u need to get and spend it there for good performance in CW . everyone who cashes alot still is lacking some point so i guess you find another point to solve the error .