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Tanks yet again

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    Originally posted by ArowenGR View Post
    You are all missing the point.
    This thread is not about people helping others. It's about entering tank only to get "The battle has ended" and get ONLY victory chest.
    Myself every day I gather my group and enter morning tanks. In at least 70% of attempts, we enter and there is only 1 opponent who leaves immediately.

    I think one of the following should be done
    1) every player should get a "Can't leave for 40-60 secs" buff , so it is probably fair to all or
    2) people in tank left with no opponent should get a 2nd place reward with the victory chest
    You're missing the point.
    You must have a selfish server.
    You should try working together.
    Use WC to communicate.
    Ask the person to wait for all to kill him once.
    If he leaves immediately ask him why (must be a reason)


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      Originally posted by Nemesis63 View Post
      You're missing the point.
      You must have a selfish server.
      You should try working together.
      Use WC to communicate.
      Ask the person to wait for all to kill him once.
      If he leaves immediately ask him why (must be a reason)
      Try and communicate when you enter a tank Battleground only MOMENTS before battle ends.
      In most cases I don't even get a chance to glimpse at the name of opponent because he enters and leaves for dailly.
      You are obviously in a better server than me, but that won't solve the problem

      Do you think my suggestion is unfair?


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        To me, I suggest that R2 should make another event were we can get runestones not only from tanks. There is no need to nerf a player's movement in tanks. It does not mean a thing. If you lose runes, then you can always try the Quick Start Feature. Creating a Tank Party is for four(4) members and not one member. If you do it this way, there is a 70% chance that someone will be there to cost you your runes. This is what I always do. Immediately tanks start, I do not hesitate to Quick Start the battle. This way, alot of people from the two opposing tides will be in the battle which of course means, you won't actually get your runes nerfed. You will have to fight and gain your runes. I believe this should be the best suggestion at least to help people with the way things are in the game. I know alot of people do cause inconveniences to people by opting to leave at the inappropriate time, but I hope R2 comes up with a way that this can be stopped.


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          I believe Tank, TOK, and Wilds are already removed in the original Chinese Version.

          But English just decides not to... just like why we don't have an AH either (Chinese still have it)


          Glad some people agree with me to add in a timer that prevents people from leaving in under 5 seconds when Battle begins.

          At least make the timer last long enough to have 1 kill, just so we're able to get Rewards.

          I only saw greed ( demanding 500 runestone compensation )

          inconsiderate ( demanding ppl follow ur style )

          immature thinking ( when ppl leave u get a win box naturally )

          if we follow what u suggest

          now everybody will be struck in a tank war for 30 mins with full time

          with 4 others getting a losing box ( it might be ur team )
          Are you an idiot?

          500 runestone is just there to show the amount of Runestones I've lost because of this issue. (whether it gets compensated or not I don't care)

          Demanding? this idea allows everyone to solve the issue of not being able to get any rewards.

          LOL... immature thinking? check again to see if you get the reward when people leave in 5 seconds when battle starts.

          If people follow what I suggested (or other suggested as good servers and no A holes), there won't be 30 mins tanks...

          Because I clearly stated:

          click start at 21:49 and hope it doesn't jump to 21:50 and can't start Tank or there are other parties also going into tank at 21:49?
          Tank starts from 21:30 to 22:00, currently when the timer reaches 21:50, it won't allow you to join into Tank.

          IE is why my team always start at 21:45 (5 mins), at most the Battle will only last 15 mins, THAT'S if we go in instantly at 21:45 and don't have "wait time".

          Currently the minimum Tank Battle is 10 mins, because you HAVE to go in before 21:50.

          So it basically only gives a 5 min longer Tank Battle. If you think 5 mins is too long... well.. you must be super hyperactive.

          Only time Tanks last 30 mins is because impatient players like you that join into Tank at 21:30.
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