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  • Byer beware

    Subject: evil unincorn

    Status: resolved

    Contents: it say this mount wil expire in 7 days this is not right as it took me 25 weeks to get it no I heard it will be fixed in next maintance but I don't see anything in forms about it if there is a problem and I will lose this mount in 7 days plz just give me the 25 mount cards back so I can get the icefang thank you

    Reply: could I plz get an answer to this question as it now says I have 6 days.thx

    GM: Hello , Dear player the mount will last 7 days and its not permanent. According to our devs they wont be able to compensate you in this case. Thanks for your patience and understanding. ~The R2Games Team

    Reply? now my question is why do their form say they will fix their mistake but devs say no not only is this wrong but it does make players think before dumping money in to a company that is nothing more then a theif.

    problem #2
    Subject: proplem with ticketts

    Status: new

    Contents: s224 monstermash user name ticket system is broke again wont let you select server and name.also my title has not been give to me,and why is my center open on the protection system my resiants is over 300 I paid money foe this to be open I expect to get what I pay for or please returne the 100 dollars worth of ballons I used to open this.thank you

    Reply? as you can see here they have yet to respond to this one and the one above according to devs has been fixed and that's just not right.i paid good money to open the protection system and yes it is past 300 resiants no marker saying coming soon or any thing I want the ballons returned but as I said they are a company that run like a band of theifs.but you win because there are only 2 things to do here let people know and file a formal complaint to everyone I know that deals with e commerce but until then im lucky im in the position I can remain competivte with out money so you will thanks for putting money back in my pocket r2.

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    The mount was ment to be 7 days period. The fix was making it clear that it will only last 7 days. My ticket that was supposed to be moved to top by a vet 2 days ago still marked as new too. My ticket is about the middle shield in battle guardians needs a compensation since it never says sum of all resistance must be 300.


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      solution? don't pay money for pixels


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        Originally posted by noob9841 View Post
        solution? don't pay money for pixels
        Fully agreed
        The only thing this company will give for free is a huge amount of LAG