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  • R23246090
    started a topic login


    it is getting very tiresome for a lot of players here on wartune trying 2 login and all u get is a login faild screen is it 2 much 2 ask R2 to fix wat is already here instead of pushing new stuff into the game and messing stuff up more and more...... problem is I know cashers talking of quiting cause of this nonsence but im thinking that dosent matter as long as u get all ur new stuff put in the game until it is 2 the point of not fixing.... world boss is also laggy as can be and a big black spot in repawn and at world boss from all players there and as for lag in world boss it kinda gets old getting killed by him and by the time you end up being able 2c urself in respawn and back 2 battle point ur already back 2 being able 2 fight again problem is it is b4 u actually reach WB.... and like I said this login issue is really a mess

  • R26213227
    why have problems with login?????????????????????????????????????

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