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LVL4 Refine Crystals

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  • LVL4 Refine Crystals

    Many of us cannot afford to refine the new lvl 80 gear. would be great to have an event or a lvl 4 refine crystal eventat 20 balens x 18 and with meager drops in nirvana doing any kind of decent refine on 1 part will take months.

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    i totaly Agree with you bro ! sales for it + higher drops so we can refine more often + reduce the god damn lag for people . this is a very good suggestion R4GE
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      yes i must say R4GE is right

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        That is a very good sugestion.
        We all have the chance to syntethise the gear pretty fast (having the resources for it).
        It takes about ~10 days with the guild shop, ~14 days without it.
        So let's say the worse case it takes 14 days, we get 14x3 cristals, meaning 2 attempts.
        If anyone wants to buy from the ingame shop it's 18x20=360 balens per try.
        A little bit over the line, don't you think guys?

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        Mage lvl.80 ~8M BR, 5xCW Sorceror EU zone
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          r2 marketing strategy: taking advantage of players impatience. Even if they were to ever increase the amount of l4 refine, they wont do it so fast because there are players which would pay good money for it to have it fast. This kind of marketing is actually pretty common in rl as well


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            wait or pay

            80 set should be you final set (should be?), so no need to rush for perfect refine

            a little opinion from a little light casher =3
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