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    Originally posted by tiggy69 View Post
    lmao @ people who think lvl'ing HS is hard work seriously all u have to do is run everything with exp scrolls on to gain as much exp as fast as u can to level it and lvl up so that u can get the max HS asap... which is why u find lvl 75's that u can blow over with a feather once the HS has worn off ... if i wanted to ruin all the hard work i have put into getting a decent char i reckon in less than 2 weeks i could have max HS hell i am that close to it now if i wanted to reset what i have put into the outer talents so stop saying leveling HS is hard work its NOT...
    Leveling HS ain't hard work because "all u have to do is run everything with exp scrolls", but camping levels is - "how hard it is to not lvl and build br to that lvl". I really like your logic, it's dumb, but i like it.


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      First of all keep in mind that no vip players lose 400 honour and not 200.

      Check my post, I suggested that if a player gets killed by dryad bomber, he loses HALF honour (no more-no less) while attacker gets full honour.
      i.e. if I get a dryad and I attack a LD, I get 200 honour and he loses 100.

      Getting from IC to LD requires 66k honour (I think - can't remember).
      in GB terms that is 22 weeks (!!!!) IF you participate in ALL GBs and IF you win it all (not all players follow strong guild)
      22 weeks = approximately 5-6 months.


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        As for HS, don't make me laugh (again)

        A player may chose with his exp
        1) Rush to high levels and get advantage over fighting lower levels, handicap in CW anf GB
        2) Raise many talents along with HS
        3) Upgrade HS and not other talents, thus having disadvantage in CW from people that raised other talent

        Besides, the exp people have is the SAME, no matter if someone spent it on talent or used it to lv up.


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          I can't remember who said it, but I've seen a suggestion on honor loss to dryad bombers that was interesting. Basically, a person being dryad bombed will lose a % less honor based on the dryad level of the opponent. Bomber has 50% dryads, means the victim loses 50% less honor. After all, beating someone without dryads is more impressive than with 50%. To discourage bombing, one could extend the suggestion to the bomber as well: you're on 30% dryads? Cool, 30% less honor for you off of your victim.
          Obviously this would have to count if the bomber actually attacks people X times in a row, instead of being attacked.

          Oh well, one can dream, eh.
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            I have found my solution for now. Its a hard decision because I like battle grounds, it lets me know my weakness and what to work on. I am a non cashier for over 8 months, but i used to buy about $40 from time to time. I decided not to pay anything for a (GAME), If I was to spend over $100 then i would like to own a copy of game. Then again, this is just my opinion. I have decided not to go Battle grounds anymore, it is just so redundant. The way i see it, most or all of the high honor ranks are no longer doing battle grounds like Lord Divine for example. So my question is "How will I ever gain any honor higher than the 74 per kill at High Commander honor rank?" The answer is, "It is possible, but it will take some paying to play strategy." If i keep going to battle grounds as a non cashier, i will lose all the hard earned honor to dryad bombers. Thanks but no thanks. Unless the Developers come up with some sort of solution to the honor gain from dryad bombers, We will see more of the empty battle grounds in the future.