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Kabam S18 West Merger support

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  • Kabam S18 West Merger support

    As per suggestion of R2Vet in game to spam forum for merger request I am making this thread.

    Come on Kabam S18 West guys (if any), make some noise here. lol

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    raised ticket #92248


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      *rahrahrah* I babbled about my thoughts on this thread
      Originally posted by EliatanK18 View Post
      I'd love to see Kabam servers get merges soon, and on a large scale. I really think all the older servers from each time zone should be merged together. So for west coast that'd be 1/7/11/13/15/18/23. It sounds like a lot but it's probably around what we had at server peak (over 8 months ago...). The last set of Kabam merges didn't include these servers, and there were only 2 servers per merge when they did. It really didn't seem to address issues for the servers that really need more strong active players. The Yahoo transfer issue was also too late, and we lost people even though a solution was found. Merges merges pretty please >.<