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  • Class Wars time...

    I have a big problem whit Class Wars and that will be i never joined to any because of the time of event ..when class wars begin either i sleep either i am at work.

    I am not asking to move Class Wars timer event ..just make it available like some other events (All Day) available so every one can stand a chance to win something from Class Wars.

    Now i guess i am the only one whit this problem so if Class Wars will be an (All Day) event well then that will be fair for all.

    So please R2 do something about this we all want to get into that event ,but most of us for sure miss it just because of this problem.

    Thank you and i am sure all players will appreciate more R2 Games if u can do this.

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    Class wars doesnt work that way, you can't make it an all day event, just can't work.


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      Would work if there was another event created which would have a league form


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        well i just hope r2 will find a solution to make all players able to join this event .... maybe if they make it available more time per day at least like bg ..we might have all a chance to enter and fight


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          dude they didn't create a second time for amethyst av... do you think they change something like class war?... they don't care about us


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            For this to be possible you need to follow a procedure:
            1> Prove your loyalty towards game. (Only one way to do that)
            2> Write a ticket under suggestions and feedback section.
            Sarcasm Intended