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How do server merges work?

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  • How do server merges work?

    I don't want to take over any of the threads that are advocating specific servers to be merged but its a curiosity. What does it take to be decided to merge? Why were o many of the lowest servers skipped when ones that were barely a month old merged together? Have been in numerous arguments that logging and maintaining alts is whats keeping them from being merged. On the same note I've heard its spending?

    Does anyone know whether it is population or spending? Should we dump the alts and live with the low tree counts or stop spending to try and gain a merge?

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    stop spending would be the best


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      Lol so no hope really then. Have lost so many top players recently, including several top 10s. Pretty sure server population of actives including alts has to be below 200. Just wonder what it takes to qualify or if they've just left the lowest servers to die.
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        Server merges works when R2 notices on X server there`s not enough spending, then they decide to screw you over and merge with an earlier server to make remained players on X server spend.
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          I think the different publishers handle it differently...wartune, kong, kabam, etc....i dont know that this is true...but i suspect you are on a kabam server.....the other publlishers/pimps seem to do frequent merges....but not so with kabam


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            My previous server is dying with only 100 or so player playing and keep decreasing but it took them more than a month till they finally merge it so maybe its depends on the amount spend since most of the ppl that stayed that time are spender
            But still dont know for sure