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Server Merger needed

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    yessss .. 92 95 98 need merge....


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      merge it up tons of servers need it merge them all into 1


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        I'm sure you don't want to hear this any more than I want to type it, but by the time R2 do decide to merge the servers requesting a merge together, it'll probably be too late. But, it's just typical.
        Death is living, for he is a figure of history.
        His ax lies beside him, a reminder of human mortality.
        He roams the street, stalking his victims endlessly.
        After he has finished punishing the humans for their deeds, and
        Finally concludes their lives, he stops and examines his list once again.

        When History takes out its pen, it will be searching for known individuals who deserve a place in its book. Commit an act of valiance and you may find yourself on it.
        - Imperias.


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          From the way people have described their lives on their old servers, it doesn't sound like much fun. I'm sure there is a significant number of people who are requesting a server merge. A plan in advance would be to just merge all of the servers that only have 10 - 20 people active on a daily basis. That way the activity of the server would remain stable, and it would also keep the people happy.
          "Like every great leader that ever lived, I shall create acts in order of remembrance to those that died fighting for their superiors."

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            merge merge merge .... this server like the cemetery now


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              you want server merge?! stop paying for any event in that current server, (to whales intended) they will prolly see the drop of revenue and then merge.